In recent years, Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy has emerged as a groundbreaking treatment option for individuals struggling with treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, anxiety disorders, and chronic pain. Its efficacy has been supported by a growing body of scientific research, offering hope to those who have found little relief from traditional medications and therapies.

The Science Behind Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy

Ketamine, originally developed as an anesthetic, has demonstrated remarkable antidepressant effects when administered in sub-anesthetic doses. Unlike traditional antidepressants, which can take weeks to produce results, Ketamine often works within hours or days, providing rapid relief to those in acute distress.

Studies have shown that Ketamine acts on key neurotransmitter systems in the brain, particularly the glutamate system, which plays a crucial role in mood regulation and synaptic plasticity. By modulating glutamate signaling, Ketamine helps restore neural connections that may be disrupted in individuals suffering from depression and other mood disorders.

Furthermore, Ketamine’s unique mechanism of action suggests its potential to treat conditions like PTSD and chronic pain, offering new avenues for therapeutic intervention where conventional treatments have fallen short.

Ketamine triggers neuroplasticity (a state when your brain can more easily learn, change and adapt), allowing the brain to make new connections and disconnect from old patterns of thinking, which contribute to mental health symptoms. This creates a temporary window for establishing new habits, thought patterns, and perceptions.

Why Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy?

  1. Safe – it has been studied and used as one of the safest anesthetics for over 50 years
  2. Effective – it has been shown to provide rapid and sustained relief of depressive thoughts
  3. Legal – approved for use in both the US and Canada
  4. Quick – takes effects in minutes while the infusion lasts about 60 minutes
  5. Flexible – dosage is personalized to each patient

The purpose of Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy

IV ketamine is now being used in psychedelic medicine to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD and chronic pain.
It has both physical and psychological benefits.
This can be especially beneficial for those whom traditional medications and talk therapy have not been effective.
Ketamine may influence the part of our brain responsible for rumination and self reflection.

The process of Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy

  • Patients are carefully screened and educated prior to treatment
  • We provide a safe and monitored experience for the hour long treatment
  • Patients usually feel immediate benefit from the treatment
  • Effects can last a few days to one week
  • It is recommended to do a series of 6 infusions over 3-6 weeks for longer lasting effects

Other Considerations:
This is an anesthetic and so you must have someone drive you home.
Although not required, it is recommended to follow up with a therapist within 24 hours of the treatment for maximum benefit.
During the treatment one may feel “unreal” or “far away” as it is a “dissociative” anesthetic. This feeling soon passes.

Why does Ketamine IV Infusion Therapy work?

  • Ketamine blocks the NMDA receptors in the brain which increases glutamate
  • Glutamate increases connections in the brain, also known as “neuroplasticity”, this allows your brain to see your problems from a different view point
  • it also floods the brain with happy neurotransmitters: serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine

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