10 Oxygen Treatment Sessions

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  • Heals all wounds both internal and external
  • Improves immune system
  • Stimulates stem cells & reduces Inflammation
  • Cuts recovery time by 1/3 – 1/2 the time


The difference

Do What You Love Again

Our hyperbaric chambers will revive you and bring your body back to its natural and powerful state. You will be able to go back to doing what you love and you will be able to do so in a revitalizing and relaxing way.


Our state of the art oxygen tanks exhibit the newest technology available while being designed with comfort and utility in mind.


With as little as ten sessions to start, you can heal your body and bring it back to a point you haven’t felt in years.

No Shortcuts

New, Yet Old

Hyperbaric chambers have a rich history dating back over 70 years ago. They were first used for divers who contracted “the bends” after coming up too quickly from a deep dive.

Today, the science is being utilized by the world’s top performers. Whether you’re an athlete, business executive, or simply someone who has aches and pains, this technology has finally been unveiled to the masses.

Houston Hyperbarics is extremely excited to bring this technology to everyone’s benefit. Sign up today to get started.

Based on 2 reviews
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  1. Craig Wright

    My life has been transformed since being under the care of Dr. Ward and her staff. It is a life long commitment on my part, and I take my health very seriously. I met Dr. Ward and told her my goal is to be dancing with my wife at 90 on a cruise ship and enjoying physical intimacy. After reviewing my updated numbers today, I am well on my way

  2. Carol L. Ricketson

    I have been using the hyperbaric chamber to help with Lyme disease and Chronic pain. She has also helped me to balance my hormones. I always feel refreshed after a treatment and noticed a decrease in my pain level. I would highly recommend Dr. Ward and her staff they have helped me significantly!

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