April 30, 2023


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  She graduated with an M.D. from the University of Southern California.  She did internship and residency training at the Naval Medical Center San Diego.

An office labeled as a concierge office is one that enables a patient to be heard and treated as an individual when it comes to one’s health. An annual concierge fee allows Dr. Ward to offer her medical expertise, request and review labs, evaluate in depth, prescribe treatment plans ,protocols  and medications/supplements that are centered around treatment that is individualized. The fee allows for unlimited office visits for the year as well.

The standard blood work that is done – metabolic panel, complete blood cell count, hormone panel, thyroid panel, etc. will only show abnormalities late into a disease process.  The majority of patients will have blood work in the “normal” range but this doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is fine.  The hormone panel that we do is more complete than what is normally done in a traditional doctor’s office and can show early signs of “peri-menopause”.  The thyroid panel we run is similarly  much more detailed than is standard.  Our goal is to have your thyroid in the “optimal range” rather than just the “normal” range.

Insurance is not set up to pay for the kind of pro-active care that we provide.  Insurance makes money when you are on multiple medications, have to have surgeries done or hospitalizations. They have no interest in you doing things like bio-identical hormone replacement and other natural healing remedies that prevent you from needing pharmaceuticals and procedures.

 Traditional medicine seeks to treat symptoms with drugs.  They never really address the root cause of what is happening.  For example, if your doctor says that you have high blood pressure or diabetes you are typically prescribed a medication for the rest of your life.  Functional medicine seeks to find the root cause of what is going on and fixing that using natural methods of diet, lifestyle and supplements.

There are different types of hyperbaric chambers available.  Many of the MedSpa’s have the “home version” of a hyperbaric chamber.  This is a soft sided one (typically you are zipped into it and can only lay flat) which only goes to 1.3 atmosphere’s pressure.  You are not able to breathe 100% oxygen when using this soft sided chamber.

The steel sided chambers that we have here in Sugar Land, Texas can go to 2.4 atmosphere’s pressure. You will be breathing 100% oxygen in our chambers and you can fully sit up or lie down.

Yes.  Our nutritional IV’s are more robust than what is typically done at an IV bar.

No, this is not a craze or trend. Everyone has some degree of leaky gut. Part of this has to do with the gluten in our country that has been genetically modified which has made it undigestible.  Part of it is all the pesticides that have been put on the crops so that they are grown into the fiber of the plant.

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